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Accession Number 5002925

Title Technical assistance to the Fish and Wildlife Service, Lower Mississippi Valley Joint


Project Description The Vicksburg (MS) Research Field Station of the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and

the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture administered by Fish and Wildlife Service Region 4

have been co-located since inception because of mutual interests in migratory bird research and

management. The Joint Venture has committed to using the best available science in planning,

monitoring, and evaluating its habitat programs for integrated migratory bird conservation. To do

this, the Joint Venture has sought participation from BRD scientists as technical consultants,

members of their science support team, and as partners in developing statistical and spatial

databases that are needed for research and management but could not be developed and

maintained by either organization alone. This task project will facilitate continued participation of

BRD scientists as Joint Venture technical consultants. Benefits accruing to BRD will be

opportunities to provide input regarding identification of client information needs, obtain funds for

research projects addressing priority resource problems, and share costs of acquiring information

technologies and developing databases needed to support landscape approaches to wildlife

research and management in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Keywords joint venture, lower mississippi valley, migratory birds, monitoring and evaluation, north american,

waterfowl habitat, waterfowl management plan, wetlands,

Principal Kenneth J Reinecke, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Daniel

Investigators J Twedt, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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