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Title Development of Patuxent long-term monitoring and ecological research project


Project Description The need to understand how biological resources change through time on the lands managed by

Department of Interior agencies is often raised as a high priority within DOI. Understanding

whether changes in animal or plant populations result from human perturbations or from natural

causes has major implications to the way resources are managed. Many parks, refuges, and

national forests are establishing long-term monitoring programs for certain biological and physical

resources. At National Wildlife Refuges, managers need to be able to implement management

programs and then evaluate their success through time. At the Patuxent Research Refuge, a

great opportunity is available because of the joint programs of research on the grounds coupled

with more traditional refuge management. This creates an opportunity for researchers to

collaborate closely with refuge managers to more effectively evaluate changes in populations and

make adaptive changes in management. The PALMER project proposes to: (1) update the

bibliography of studies on the Center initiated by R. Hall in the 1980s and make it available as a

library resource, (2) compile available long term data sets into a GIS for the Center, and to

generate maps at different scales for resource planning, (3) create an updated vegetation data

layer using the most current remote sensing data for the Center, (4) continue to collect long-term

data on birds, and other fauna and flora, and work with Refuge and I & M personnel to identify

what additional monitoring is needed for the Center, (5) use the results to make management

recommendations for the refuge and identify to Refuge staff opportunities for Adaptive Resource

Management, 6) the effects of deer herbivory on regeneration of bottomland hardwood forests have

been studied using the 33 permanent plots and 13 exclosures.Project has been placed on hold

(2000) by PWRC management.In 2003 there is the opportunity to re-evaluate the Patuxent

bottomland plots (#6 above) since the area has undergone dramatic reductions of deer for the past

several years. The plots have not been read since deer management began so reading now

(exclosure/unexclosed plots) would provide insight as to the effect of browse release on the

floodplain = bottomland herbaceous and tree seedling flora.

Keywords adaptive resource management, deer browse, gis, inventory, mapping, monitoring, national wildlife

refuges, pwrc, tree seedlings,

Principal richard hammerschlag, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:


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