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Accession Number 5004971

Title Susceptibility of vaccinated sandhill cranes to West Nile virus

Project Description West Nile virus was recently introduced into the United States in the vicintiy of New York City. In

this location the virus has killed large numbers of birds, especially, but not limited to, crows. There

has been one verbal report of a sandhill crane at the Bridgeport, Connecticut Zoo dying form West

Nile virus. Because the virus is spreading, our Florida sandhill cranes, greater sandhill cranes,

and endangered whooping cranes may be at risk. We need to conduct a controlled study to find

out how pathogenic the virus is for these species. We also need to investigate some fo the new

vaccines that are being produced to see if any would be efffective in protecting the cranes.

Keywords cranes, sandhill cranes, vaccination, west nile virus, whooping cranes,

Principal Glenn H Olsen, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Kimberli

Investigators Miller, National Wildlife Health Laboratory:;

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