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Accession Number 5004894

Title Development of new statistical methods for biological applications

Project Description Development of new statistical methods for biological applications Project Status: Active Start

date: 011001 End date: 061001 Many of the practical and theoretical problems encountered by

biologists in measuring and interpreting population parameters lack established methods of data

collection and analysis. The greater the complexities accompanying such problems, the more

likely it is that the application of standard statistical methods will lead to unsatisfactory solutions

and to the obscuring rather than revelation of true patterns in data. This project serves as the

basis of collaboration for a mathematical statistician with biologists and quantitative ecologists.

The mathematical statistician appraises the applicability of existing methodologies, modifying

them as necessary, and develops new techniques when existing methods are inadequate.

Keywords bayesian inference, estimation, modeling, probability, simulation, statistics,

Principal William A Link, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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