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Accession Number 5004809

Title Mapping Distributions of Invasive Animals on National Wildlife Refuges

Project Description In this task, we will provide updated information on ranges of invasive bird species using

information from the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), and verify the information using

refuge checklists and other data sources. Although no comparable information source exists for

mammals, general range maps do exist for the taxa, and we will use them to evaluate the ranges

of invasive mammal species. The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) contains

information on all birds heard or seen on over 4,000 survey routes in North America. Distribution

maps made from the data are presently available over the internet

(, and are used in a variety of studies that attempt to

relate resources on NWRs to regional populations. They also show the general ranges of

nonnative and invasive species, and indicate what species may be expected to occur on NWRs.

In this project, we will revise the BBS maps to incorporate the most recent information on bird

distributions, providing lists of predicted invasive species for each refuge from the distributional

information. We will also develop range maps of invasive mammal species, using information from

NWRs and from other published sources.

Keywords birds, invasive species, mammals, national wildlife refuges,

Principal John R Sauer, PWRC:;


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