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Accession Number 5004786

Title Technical and scientific assistance for DOI land management units

Project Description Provide ongoing direct and indirect technical assistmnace to units of the National Park

Service,especially but not limited to those in the coastal northeastern US such as Cape Cod

National Seashore, Fire Island Natioanl Seashore, Gateway National Recreation Area, etc.

Matters addressd include but are not limited to such topics as Piping Plover ecology and

management; wildlife damage; off-road vehicles; bird and aircraft interactions; saltmarsh

management; sealevel rise; gull control; damage by goose overpopulations; ticks and Lyme

disease; birds and ticks; avian distribution, populations, and migration; avian taxonomy &

evolution; effects of hurricanes and tropical storms; colonial waterbird population biology & census

techniques; seabirds of the New York Bight; coastal ecology; development and management of

barrier beaches and islands; etc. Advice is given in various ways, including but not limited to: site

visits; onsite advice; attendance at meetings and workshops; participation in panels; lectures and

training; publications; interactions with various Federal. state, and local land and resource

management agencies; field work; rapid assessments; preparation of reports, scientific

manuscripts, and papers for scientific and public meetings; contribution to NEPA compliance;

NGO interactions, etc.

Keywords biodiversity, birds, coastal ecology, coastal parks, colonial waterbirds, fish wildlife service, goose

overpopulations, gulls aircraft, hurricanes storms, migration distribution, national park service,

orvs, piping plovers, shoreline erosion, wildlife, wildlife damage,

Principal P.A. Buckley, Patuxent Wildldife Research Center:;


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