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Accession Number 5004758

Title Intertidal biotic overview and assessment: Boston Harbor Islands

Project Description Boston Harbor Island, a National Park area, is a new unit and is presently undergoing intensive

baseline inventories of biological resources. Boston Harbor Islands park area is located in

Massachusetts Bay and Boston Harbor. The purpose of this study is to conduct an intertidal

resources overview and assessment for the over 30 islands that comprise Boston Harbor Islands

national park area. Specific objective are as follows; 1. Develop a comprehensive GIS database of

intertidal zone habitats and identify habitats of management concern 2. Provide a narrative

description of intertidal habitats found within the park, including species of management concern

(e.g., invasives, exotics, rare) 3. Provide a biodiversity profile for intertidal zones of the park 4.

Recommend a long-term monitoring program and inventory plan for the intertidal resources of the


Keywords boston harbor islands, estuarine, intertidal resources, marine, species richness,

Principal Mark Chandler, New Englnd Aquarium:; Charles Roman, USGS Patuxent

Investigators Wildlife Research Center:;

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