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Accession Number 5004723

Title National Wildlife Refuge Landbird Conservation Priorities

Project Description National Wildlife Refuges in Region 5 have the capability to manage habitats for many groups of

landbirds. Unfortunately, management decisions are often made from a local perspective without

regard to larger scale issues. Identification of regional objectives will assist refuges to focus efforts

on highest priority resource needs to manimixe the contributions of the refuge program to wildlife.

During the last 5 years, many refuges in Region 5 have collected point count data for breeding

landbirds. It is proposed to use these refuge specific data, in conjunction with region- and

nation-wide Breeding Bird Survey data, to assist refuges in identifying priority species for

management and to define local priorities in the context of priority species identified by

conservation activities such as Partners in Flight. In addition to bird data, habitat data is becoming

generally available for refuges in the region. These habitat data allow managers to identify habitat

management options for management of priority bird species. Combined, the bird and habitat data

form the basis of a Regional NWR management plan for breeding landbirds, and will provide

guidance to individual refuges to focus their efforts on the most appropriate habitats and landbird


Keywords birds, management, modeling, objectives, refuges, surveys, usfws,

Principal John R Sauer, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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