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Accession Number 5004627

Title Habitat and breeding densities of a Swainson's Warbler source population, Bond

Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia

Project Description Swainsons Warbler (Limnothlypis swainsonii) inhabits swamps and river floodplain forests during

the breeding season in the Coastal Plain of southeastern United States. The species is ranked as

high priority and in need of research to determine management needs. One swamp in particular,

Bond Swamp, has been documented as a high density population from the 1940s through the

1960s. A portion of this area is currently Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (2,500 ha). The

density of the birds population is unknown on the refuge. The Ocmulgee Rivers pulses of flood

waters provide tremendous amounts of subsidized energy to the habitat of the Swainsons Warbler

in Bond Swamp. This subsidized imported energy may be important to maintenance of optimum

habitat and a high density population. Breeding bird data for Swainsons Warbler will be collected

using transects and distance sampling techniques. Once Swainsons territories are located,

additional bird and habitat data will be collected to determine the importance of soils, litter, cane

stands (understory), overstory cover, and large trees on the presence of breeding Swainsons

Warblers (compared to unmated birds territories, unoccupied cane, and random areas, t = 4).

ANOVA and logistic regression analysis will be used to determine the importance of habitat and

its structure in predicting Swainsons Warbler breeding presence. The habitat model will be verified

in the second year using Swainsons Warbler territories not used in model development in 2002 in

Bond Swamp and also in other areas on the Ocmulgee River bottomland forests. GIS will we

used in 2002 to determine associations of flooding patterns with Swainsons Warbler territories.

Patterns of flooding related to high density of Swainsons Warbler will provide important information

for management recommendations and research.

Keywords birds, bond swamp, density, flooding pulses, floodplain, forests, georgia, habitat, migratory,

models, ocmulgee river, swainsons warbler, wetlands,

Principal J M Meyers, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center-Athens, GA:;


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