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Title Co-editor of the book: Developing Models for Conservation and Management using


Project Description We are producing an edited volume with the tentative title Developing Models for Conservation and

Management using RAMAS GIS. Each chapter of the book will describe the application of

RAMAS GIS 4.0 software for performing a metapopulation viability analysis of one species or a

group of closely related species, with the aim of demonstrating how various life history

characteristics of the species are incorporated into the simulation model. This book will be

organized into 6 sections with 5-10 chapters per section. Dr. H. Resit Aktakaya will coordinate

the book and provide technical support for all of the chapters. Each section will be organized by

one of the co-editors: Mark Burgman (plants), Oskar Kindval (invertebrates), Donald Orth (fishes),

Per Sjogren-Gulve (amphibians, reptiles), Jeff Hatfield (birds), and Michael McCarthy (mammals).

Keywords model, population viability, simulation,

Principal Jeff S Hatfield, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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