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Accession Number 5004517

Title Toxicity of lead and zinc to wildlife

Project Description This is a survey of birds in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri to determine whether they are

suffering from metal poisoning. It is expected that bobwhite, mourning doves, ground-dwelling

songbirds, bank swallows and waterfowl will be collected. About ten individuals of these birds will

be collected and examined at necropsy. Tissue samples will be examined for histopathology and

analyzed for cadmium, lead, and zinc. Blood will be analyzed.

Keywords birds, lead, toxicity, zinc,

Principal Nelson Beyer, USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; John French,

Investigators USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Rafael Mateo, Autonomous

University of Barcelona:; James Spann, USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research


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