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List of Patuxent's Active Research/Science Projects on Department of Interior Land by Accession Number With Links to Project Descriptions
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Science Information System (SIS) Project Titles, Updated 7/10/2002
5001777 Contaminant-related activities and synoptic reviews in support of client agencies in the Department of the Interior
5001779 Technical assistance to the Fish and Wildlife Service on alternative shot
5001819 Selected bird species nesting in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
5001841 Technical assistance to National Capital Region, National Park Service - urban landscape ecology
5001875 Mercury in tree swallows and feathers of other species that line tree swallow nests at Acadia National Park, Maine
5001877 Response of avian communities to forest management on Moosehorn NWR
5001893 Technical assistance to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1: Mariana Archipelago Rescue and Survey (MARS)
5003439 Interactions of gulls and Piping Plovers at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Cod, Mass.
5003452 Demography of deer and mice at Fire Island National Seashore
5003460 Technical assistance to the National Park Service
5003467 Design and test a long-term coastal monitoring program at Cape Cod National Seashore with Application to other coastal units of the National Park Service
5004017 Incidence and distribution of chytridiomycosis in road-killed amphibians at National Wildlife Refuges in the Northeast and on Maine routes of the NAAMP
5004019 Bird Inventory for National Capital Parks-East
5004028 Developing indicators of freshwater emergent wetland ecosystem integrity for monitoring and management at Acadia National Park
5004029 Developing Tools to Monitor and Predict Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Estuaries at Acadia National Park
5004030 Assessment of impacts of a Shoreline Protection Project on endangered Roseate Terns at the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge
5004263 Estimation of bird relative abundance and habitat information at scales needed for management in FWS Region 5
5004265 Vegetation monitoring at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge
5004375 Technical assistance to FWS
5004387 Monitoring salt marsh development processes in the restoring Hatches Harbor salt marsh: Cape Cod National Seashore
5004473 Technical Assistance to Fish and Wildlife Service - Delmarva Fox Squirrel Habitat Conservation Plan - Cherry Keller
5004474 Technical Assistance to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Mary Ratnaswamy/John Morten/Irvin Ailes
5004475 Technical Assistance to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Team - Kenneth Ennis
5004476 Technical Assistance to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/University of Maryland-Eastern Shore - shorebirds/Delmarva fox squirrels - Monica Williams/Kenra Willet
5004487 Effects of impoundment management on vegetation change on Moosehorn NWR wetlands
5004627 Habitat and breeding densities of a Swainson's Warbler source population, Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
5004660 Ecosystem response of salt marshes to OMWM: coastal refuges of FWS Region 5
5004756 Technical Assistance - National Park Service - mosquitoes/West Nile Virus
5004758 Intertidal biotic overview and assessment: Boston Harbor Islands
5004796 Grassland bird breeding use of managed grasslands on National Wildlife Refuges within Region 5 of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
5004809 Mapping Distributions of Invasive Animals on National Wildlife Refuges
5004912 National Park Service - Technical Assistance, Eastern Region
5004969 Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) in the Northeast United States
5004984 Response of Delmarva fox squirrels to prescribed fires in Mid-Atlantic coastal plain forests

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