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List of Active Research/Science Projects at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center by Accession Number With Links to Project Descriptions
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Science Information System (SIS) Project Titles, Updated 7/10/2002
5000987 Assessing the relative habitat value of restored versus natural coastal marshes to migratory birds in Chesapeake Bay
5000997 Length of stay, survival, and habitat use of fall migrant Sora (Porzana carolina) on the Patuxent River Marsh as determined by radio telemetry
5001197 Assessing reconstructed depressional wetlands in the Mid-Atlantic States
5001775 Impacts of selective tree harvesting on the Delmarva fox squirrel
5001810 Dynamics of forest bird communities in a fragmented suburban landscape
5003443 SAV restoration and ecosystem research
5003538 Response of coastal ecosystems to sea-level rise: assessing wetland elevation changes, potential for submergence, and management options
5004035 Winter habitat and food of sea ducks in Chesapeake Bay and late winter movements of black scoters from the Bay to breeding areas
5004036 Assessing wildlife utilization of seasonally saturated coastal plain forested wetlands (flatwoods)


Contaminant Exposure and Potential Effects on Reproduction of Ospreys Nesting in Chesapeake Bay Regions of Concern 


Vegetation and soil characteristics of restored tidal freshwater wetlands at Kingman Lake
5004527 Impacts of white-tailed deer on vegetation within parks in Montgomery County, Maryland: A statistical analysis of deer exclosure data collected during 1995-98
5004603 Estimating Integrity of Amphibian and Breeding Bird Communities in Montgomery County, Maryland
5004661 Phragmites australis: Good, bad, or just ugly
5004728 Use of the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) to assess the bioavailability and effects of contaminants in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
5004984 Response of Delmarva fox squirrels to prescribed fires in Mid-Atlantic coastal plain forests
5005302 Anacostia benthic study
5005326 An investigation of the distribution and status of the Diamondback Terrapin in the Chesapeake Bay
  Birds and vegetation of Lower Kingman Island
  Hazard assessment of contaminated sites at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center

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