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BASIS #   2302A3O 19

Title Vegetation and soil characteristics of restored tidal freshwater wetlands at Kingman Lake

Project Description Restoration of tidal wetlands at the Kingman Lake site will begin during the fall of 1999. Monitoring of various aspects of the restored wetlands at the site will be conducted over a 5-year period starting in 2000 to document the development/evolution of the reconstructed wetland.. We are interested in monitoring the
vegetation and soil characteristics of the site. These are important characteristics that affect the value of the site as habitat for fish and wildlife, the biogeochemical and hydrologic functioning of the site, and the aesthetics of the site. Monitoring of vegetation will include two components: standing vegetation and buried viable seeds (i.e., the seed bank). This comprises the largest portion of our proposed scope and budget. Monitoring of soils will include measurements of soil particle size, organic matter, and redox potential (Eh). The study will provide a measure of the degree of success for the reconstructed marsh toward becoming a natural, viable freshwater tidal wetland.

Keywords tidal wetlands, freshwater, Kingman Lake, reconstructed marsh, vegetation, soil

Principal Investigator Richard Hammerschlag, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:

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