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BASIS # 23029IM42

Title Anacostia benthic study

Project Description Considerable work has been conducted on the benthic populations of such aquatic systems as streams and lakes, but there remains a paucity of effort on tidal wetlands, especially freshwater. This study will characterize the benthic communities establishing themselves on recently reconstructed urban freshwater tidal wetlands in Washington, D.C. in comparison to a similar relic wetland in the Anacostia as well as to a reference wetland in the adjacent Patuxent River watershed. The focus of the study will be the two main areas of Kingman Marsh which were reconstructed from Anacostia dredge material by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2000. Populations from this new marsh will be compared to those of similarly reconstructed Kenilworth Marsh (1993) just one half a mile upstream, as well as to the relic Dueling Creek Marsh in the Anacostia and the outside reference Patuxent Marsh. Benthic organisms will be collected using selected techniques including the Eckman bottom grab sampler, sediment corer, D-net and Hester-Dendy sampler. Samples will be collected at least seasonally from tidal guts (channel); tidal mud flats; three vegetation/sediment zones = low, middle and high marsh; and pools. Collected samples will be preserved in the field and counted in the laboratory.

Keywords freshwater tidal, macrobenthic, urban, anacostia

Principal Investigator Richard Hammerschlag, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:

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