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BASIS # 23139J7

Title Phragmites australis: Good, bad, or just ugly

Project Description Concern over exotic and invasive species is increasing and managers are facing labor intensive and expensive control and eradication costs. Considerable resources are being devoted to control and eradication of Phragmites across North America. Much of this effort is being justified by the perception that Phragmites is either an exotic species or that Phragmites has little useful wetland function. There is an urgent need for a state-of-the-science synthesis on Phragmites. The objective of this project is to develop a synthesis of state-of-the-science knowledge of the ecology and extent of wetland functions of Phragmites australis and provide the synthesis to the management and conservation community for their use in decision making. We seek to fill the managers information gap by providing a synthesis of technical knowledge about the extent of functions (if any), the expansion ecology, and the genetic status of Phragmites.

Keywords invasive species, noxious weed, phragmites, wetland

Principal Investigator Glenn Guntenspergen, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:

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