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Partners in Flight (PIF) - North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) Materials

What is PIF? - (One page/two sided summary of PIF)

Hot Topics in the Tropics - Symposium Abstracts and Contacts

Research Topics for Full Life Cycle Bird Conservation

(List developed in association with the PIF NAOC Symposium – Hot Topics in the Tropics)

Hot Topics in the Tropics - Symposium Photos

Partners in Flight Research Needs Assessment Summary – Ruth and Rosenberg (2009)

Ruth, J.M. and K.V. Rosenberg. 2009. Partners in Flight research needs assessment summary.  Pages 23-33 in Rich, T.D., C. Arizmendi, D. Demarest, and C. Thompson (eds.). Tundra to tropics: connecting birds, habitats, and people. Proceedings of the 4th International Partners in Flight Conference. McAllen,TX. Partners in Flight.

Partners in Flight 5th International Conference – August 2013 – Save the Date!

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