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A body of individuals representing the many interests and perspectives relating to waterbird conservation has been assembled to guide the Waterbird Conservation for the Americas initiative. The Waterbird Conservation Council (the Council) will be the keeper of the Plan and have responsibility for coordinating, facilitating, and communicating implementation of this and other waterbird plans, updating the plans, and facilitating actions for waterbird conservation throughout the Plan area.

Waterbird Conservation Council Documents:

Council Directory
Council Terms of Reference
Council's Approach to Advocacy and Public Policy
Council's Principles of Membership

Full Council Meeting Notes

Webpage for 2011 Annual Meeting, February 15-17, 2011, Santa Marta, Colombia
Webpage for 2010 Annual Meeting, February 1-3, Panama City, Panama
Webpage for 2009 Annual Meeting, January 20-23, 2009; Anguilla, British West Indies

Webpage for 2008 Annual Meeting, January 14-18, San Blas, México
Webpage for 2007 Annual Meeting, January 15-19, Quito, Ecuador
Notes from 2006 Annual Meeting, January 11-13, San Jose, Costa Rica (Notas en español)
Notes from 2005 Annual Meeting, January 10-12, Nassau, Bahamas (Notas en español)
Notes from 2004 Annual Meeting, January 13 and 14, Key Largo, Florida, USA
Notes from Inaugural Meeting, June 4 and 5, 2003, Reston, Virginia, USA

Executive Committee Notes - Includes reports from Committees

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