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Auxiliary Marker Codes (color codes and marker type codes)*

Color Codes

Marker Type Codes

1 Red
2 Yellow
3 Blue
4 Green
5 White
6 Black
7 Orange
8 Gray
9 Purple
10 Lavender
11 Gold
12 Brown
13 Silver
14 Pink
15 Magenta
16 Mauve
17 Miscellaneous
18 Light Blue
19 Dark Blue
20 Light Green
21 Dark Green
22 Light Pink
23 Hot Pink
24 Maroon
25 Aqua
26 Azure
27 Burgundy
28 Chartreuse
29 Flesh
30 Lime
31 Ochre
32 Olive
33 Tan
34 Turquoise
99 Multi-color
100 Red/Cream
102 Red/Yellow
103 Red/Blue
105 Red/White
106 Red/Black
116 Red/Mauve
118 Red/Light Blue
119 Red/Dark Blue
120 Red/Light Green
121 Red/Dark Green
122 Red/Light Pink
134 Red/Turquoise
205 Yellow/White
206 Yellow/Black
207 Yellow/Orange
216 Yellow/Mauve
218 Yellow/Light Blue
219 Yellow/Dark Blue
220 Yellow/Light Green
221 Yellow/Dark Green
222 Yellow/Light Pink
223 Yellow/Dark Pink
301 Blue/Red
306 Blue/Black
313 Blue/Silver
402 Green/Yellow
405 Green/White
406 Green/Black
413 Green/Silver
504 White/Green
506 White/Black
516 White/Mauve
518 White/Light Blue
519 White/Dark Blue
520 White/Light Green
521 White/Dark Green
523 White/Dark Pink
601 Black/Red
603 Black/Blue
604 Black/Green
605 Black/White
607 Black/Orange
613 Black/Silver
618 Black/Light Blue
621 Black/Dark Green
701 Orange/Red
705 Orange/White
712 Orange/Brown
713 Orange/Silver
716 Orange/Mauve
719 Orange/Dark Blue
721 Orange/Dark Green
723 Orange/Dark Pink
1307 Silver/Orange
1604 Mauve/Green
1605 Mauve/White
1606 Mauve/Black
1621 Mauve/Dark Green
1623 Mauve/Dark Pink
1807 Light Blue/Orange
1816 Light Blue/Mauve
1819 Light Blue/Dark Blue
1821 Light Blue/Dark Green
1822 Light Blue/Light Pink
1823 Light Blue/Dark Pink
1901 Dark Blue/Red
1906 Dark Blue/Black
1916 Dark Blue/Mauve
1921 Dark Blue/Dark Green
1922 Dark Blue/Light Pink
1923 Dark Blue/Dark Pink
2006 Light Green/Black
2007 Light Green/Orange
2012 Light Green/Brown
2016 Light Green/Mauve
2018 Light Green/Light Blue
2019 Light Green/Dark Blue
2021 Light Green/Dark Green
2022 Light Green/Light Pink
2023 Light Green/Dark Pink
2206 Light Pink/Black
2216 Light Pink/Mauve
2221 Light Pink/Dark Green
2306 Dark Pink/Black
2321 Dark Pink/Dark Green
2322 Dark Pink/Light Pink
00 Federal Metal Band
00B Federal Metal Band (Anodized)
00C Federal Metal Band (Painted)
01 Color Leg Band
01A Plastic Color Leg Band
01B Anodized Color Leg Band
01C Painted alum. Color Leg Band
01D Tape over alum. Color Leg Band
02 Neck Collar
03 Reward Band
06 Misc. metal band (Foreign, State, Prov. etc.) with inscription
08A Breast Dye/Paint
08B Tail Dye/Paint
08C Wing Dye/Paint
08D Head/Neck Dye/Paint
08E Multiple areas Dye/Paint
08F Tail streamer Temporary Marker
08G Imped feather Temporary Marker
08H Glued Temporary Marker
08I Misc. Temporary Marker
39 Wing/Head/Back Tag (obsolete)
39A Wing Tag
39B Back Tag
39C Head Tag
51A Nasal Saddle
51B Disk Nasal Marker
59 Web/Toe Tag
69 Leg Flag
75A PIT tag (tail mount)
75B PIT tag (back pack)
75C PIT tag (leg attachment)
75D PIT tag (surgical implant)
75E PIT tag (subcutaneous)
75F PIT tag (neck attachment)
75G PIT tag (other)
75H PIT tag (leg-loop harness)
75J PIT tag (glue to skin or feathers)
75K PIT tag (prong and suture)
80A Satellite/Cell/GPS Transmitter (tail mount)
80B Satellite/ Cell/ GPS Transmitter (back pack)
80C Satellite/ Cell/ GPS Transmitter (leg attachment)
80D Satellite/ Cell/GPS Transmitter (surgical implant)
80E Satellite/ Cell/ GPS Transmitter (subcutaneous)
80F Satellite/ Cell/ GPS Transmitter (neck attachment)
80G Satellite/ Cell/ GPS Transmitter (other)
80H Satellite/Cell/GPS Transmitter (leg-loop harness)
80J Satellite/Cell/GPS Transmitter (glue to skin or feathers)
80K Satellite/Cell/GPS Transmitter (prong and suture)
81A Radio Transmitter (tail mount)
81B Radio Transmitter (back pack)
81C Radio Transmitter (leg attachment)
81D Radio Transmitter (surgical implant)
81E Radio Transmitter (subcutaneous)
81F Radio Transmitter (neck attachment)
81G Radio Transmitter (other)
81H Radio Transmitter (leg-loop harness)
81J Radio Transmitter (glue to skin or feathers)
81K Radio Transmitter (prong and suture)
85 Misc.
89 Transmitter (obsolete)
90A Data Logger (tail mount)
90B Data Logger (back pack)
90C Data Logger (leg attachment)
90D Data Logger (surgical implant)
90E Data Logger (subcutaneous)
90F Data Logger (neck attachment)
90G Data Logger (other)
90H Data Logger (leg-loop harness)
90J Data Logger (glue to skin or feathers)
90K Data Logger (prong and suture)

*In a data request B MARKER TYPE might appear as: 01ARF370206
which will translate to: Yellow plastic leg band with black code of RF37