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Table of Contents     

Preface to the Proceedings of the Fourth International Partners in Flight Conference. (Includes Conference Committees, Acknowledgements and Editors)
Terrell D. Rich, Coro Arizmendi, Dean W. Demarest, and Craig Thompson


Needs Assessment

Partners in Flight Education, Outreach, and Communications Needs Assessment.
Ashley A. Dayer, Melissa Pitkin, and Susan Bonfield


Partners in Flight Monitoring Needs Assessment Summary.
Edward J. Laurent and David Pashley


Partners in Flight Research Needs Assessment Summary.
Janet M. Ruth and Kenneth V. Rosenberg


Basic Biology

Video Identification of Boreal Forest Songbird Nest Predators and Discordance with Artificial Nest Studies.
Jeffrey R. Ball, Erin M. Bayne, and Craig S. Machtans


The Status of Wintering Golden-cheeked Warblers in Nicaragua.
David I. King, Edgar Herrera, Sandra Hernandez, Carol A. Lively, David W. Mehlman, John H. Rappole, and Dana Roth


Nest-site Attributes and Reproductive Success of White-headed and Hairy Woodpeckers along the East-slope Cascades of Washington State.
Jeffrey M. Kozma


Dynamics of Passerine Migration in Veracruz, México.
Eduardo Martínez Leyva, Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza, Octavio Cruz Carretero, James L. Barr, Elisa Peresbarbosa Rojas, Irving Chávez Domínguez, Gustavo Ramón Lara, Rafael Rodríguez Mesa, Alexaldo García Miranda, and Norma Ferriz Domínguez


Flammulated Owl (Otus flammeolus) Breeding Habitat Abundance in Ponderosa Pine Forests of the United States.
Mark D. Nelson, David H. Johnson, Brian D. Linkhart, and Patrick D. Miles


Addressing Regional Declines in Purple Martin Populations.
John Tautin, B. Cousens, K. Kostka, S.  Kostka, and D. A. Airola


Avistamiento de Actividad de Cacería Nocturna por Parte del Halcón Peregrino en la Ciudad de Guatemala.
E. Daniel Tenez


Investigating the Limiting Factors of a Rare, Vulnerable Species:  Bicknell’s Thrush.
Jason M. Townsend, Christopher C. Rimmer and Kent P. McFarland


Do the Winter Diets of Sympatric Burrowing Owl and Short-Eared Owl Overlap in West-Central Mexico?
Héctor E. Valdez-Gómez, Geoffrey L. Holroyd, Helen E.  Trefry, and Armando J. Contreras-Balderas


Bird Communities

Estudio Preliminar de la Avifauna de la Isla del Cisne, Honduras.
Francisco Aceituno and David Medina


Balancing Competing Habitat Management Needs for Northern Spotted Owls and Other Bird Species in Dry Forest Landscapes.
Joseph B. Buchanan


A Bird Community on the Edge: Habitat Use of Forest Songbirds in Eastern Oklahoma.
Vince S. Cavalieri, Timothy J. O’Connell, and D. M. Leslie, Jr.


Prothonotary Warblers as Indicators of Hydrological Conditions in Bottomland Forests.
Jeffrey P. Hoover


Advancing Broad Scale Ecological Assessment Using Bird Community Indicators.
Timothy J. O’Connell


Assessing the Value of Shade Coffee for Bird Conservation in the Colombian Andes at a Local, Regional, and National Level.
Lina M. Sánchez-Clavijo, Jorge E. Botero, and Rocío Espinosa


Anthropogenic Impacts

Energy Sector Edge Effects on Songbird Nest Fate and Nest Productivity in the Boreal Forest of Western Canada: A Preliminary Analysis.
Jeffrey R. Ball, Erin M. Bayne, and Craig S. Machtans


Is Illegal Take Affecting the Peregrine Falcon Population in Central Peru: Why and How?
Oscar Beingolea Maseveu


Potential Impacts of Wind Farm Energy Development on Upland Game Birds: Questions and Concerns.
Leonard A. Brennan, Robert M. Perez, Stephen J. DeMaso, Bart M. Ballard, and William P. Kuvlesky, Jr.


Wind Energy Development, Prescribed Fire and Migratory Land Birds in the Southeastern United States: Breeding, Stopover, and Wintering Habitat Relationships.
Leonard A. Brennan, Bart M. Ballard, and William P. Kuvlesky, Jr.


Abundance of Three Grassland Songbirds in an Area of Natural Gas Infill Drilling in Alberta, Canada.
Brenda C. Dale, Trevor S. Wiens, and Laura E. Hamilton


Impacts of Free-ranging Domestic Cats (Felis catus) on Birds in the United States: A Review of Recent Research with Conservation and Management Recommendations.
Nico Dauphiné and Robert J. Cooper


Notes on the Live Bird Trade in Northern Peru.
Nico Dauphiné


Threats Facing Bermuda’s Breeding Seabirds:  Measures to Assist Future Breeding Success.
Andrew F. Dobson and Jeremy Madeiros


Afectaciones A Vertebrados por Vehiculos Automotores en 1.2 km de Carretera en el Istmo de Tehuantepec.
Manuel Grosselet, Bernardino Villa-Bonilla, and Georgita Ruiz Michael


Monitoring Results of the Illegal Parrot Trade in the Los Pozos Market, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
Mauricio Herrera and Bennet Hennessey


The Importance of Working Wetlands as Avian Habitat in Louisiana.
Jay V. Huner, Clinton W. Jeske,  and Michael J. Musumeche


Avian Mortality at Windows: The Second Largest Human Source of Bird Mortality on Earth.
Daniel Klem, Jr.


Estado de Conservación de Lora Nuca Amarilla (Amazona auropalliata) en el Corredor Biológico Paso Del Istmo, Rivas, Nicaragua.
Martín Lezama-López


Protecting Birds While Powering America: An Overview of Efforts by the Electric Utility Industry to Reduce Bird Mortality and Improve Power Reliability.
Sherry Liguori


Towers, Turbines, Power Lines, and Buildings—Steps Being Taken by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Avoid or Minimize Take of Migratory Birds at These Structures.
Albert M. Manville, II


A Comparison of Breeding Birds Before and After Construction of a Recreation Site in Northern Idaho.
Scott R. Robinson


Decision Support Tools

Decision Support Tools: Bridging the Gap between Science and Management.
John D. Alexander, Jaime L. Stephens, Geoffrey R. Geupel, and Thomas C. Will


Mapping Data-specific Avian Distributions Utilizing Cartographic Point Aggregating Generalization Operators in a Multi-Scale Framework.
M. Thomas Auer


Identifying Site-based Habitat and Population Goals within Important Bird Areas.
Elizabeth Ciuzio, Cristina Frank, and Troy Ettel


Setting Population Objectives: Biological, Historical, and Conceptual Perspectives Relevant to Regional Bird Population Objectives.
Randy Dettmers


Conservation Priority-setting in Guatemala through the Identification of Important Bird Areas.
Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño


Test of Partners in Flight Effective Detection Distance for Cerulean Warbler.
Paul B. Hamel, Melinda J. Welton, Carl G. Smith, III, and Robert P. Ford


Using the Spatial Filtering Process to Evaluate the Nonbreeding Range of Rusty Blackbird.
Paul B. Hamel and Esra Ozdenerol


Historical Trends in Rusty Blackbird Nonbreeding Habitat in Forested Wetlands.
Paul B. Hamel, Diane De Steven, Ted Leininger, and Randy Wilson


Hierarchical Population Models for the Red-cockaded Woodpecker.
Mevin B. Hooten, Christopher K. Wikle, Lawrence D. Carlile, Richard E. Warner, and Donald Pitts


The Avian Knowledge Network: A Partnership to Organize, Analyze, and Visualize Bird Observation Data for Education, Conservation, Research, and Land Management.
Marshall Iliff, Leo Salas, Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza, Grant Ballard, Denis Lepage, and Steve Kelling


Beyond Strategic Habitat Conservation—The Unrealized Potential of NABCI.
Rex R. Johnson and Charles K. Baxter


A Decision Support Tool for Setting Population Objectives for Priority Landbirds in the Central Hardwoods and West Gulf Coastal Plain/Ouachitas Bird Conservation Regions.
D. Todd Jones-Farrand, John M. Tirpak, Frank R. Thompson, III, Daniel J. Twedt, Charles K. Baxter, Jane A. Fitzgerald, and William B. Uihlein, III


Gathering, Organizing and Accessing Data for Use in Bird Conservation across the Americas.
Elizabeth Martin, Bruce G. Peterjohn and Steve Kelling


Web Mapping for Bird Conservation: Leveraging the Avian Knowledge Network.
Douglas A. Miller, Stephen R. Crawford, Terrell D. Rich, and Steve Kelling


Data for Developing Spatial Models: Criteria For Effective Conservation.
Neal D. Niemuth, Michael E. Estey, and Ronald E. Reynolds


The Avian Knowledge Alliance: A Network of Non-Governmental Organizations Working Together on Bird Conservation.
Jaime L. Stephens, David Hanni, John D. Alexander, Grant Ballard, Geoffrey R. Geupel, and Brian L. Sullivan


Data Exploration through Visualization Tools.
Brian L. Sullivan, Steven T. Kelling, Christopher L. Wood, Marshall J. Iliff, Daniel Fink, Mark Herzog, Doug Moody, and Grant Ballard


Conservation Opportunity Assessment for Rare Birds in the Midwestern United States: A Private Lands Imperative.
Wayne E. Thogmartin and Jason J. Rohweder


Conservation Design: Where Do We Go From Here?
Wayne E. Thogmartin, Jane A. Fitzgerald, and Malcolm T. Jones


Bridging the Gap Between Habitat-Modeling Research and Bird Conservation with Dynamic Landscape and Population Models.
Frank R. Thompson, III


Education, Communication, and Outreach

Strategic Communications and Its Critical Role in Bird Habitat Conservation: Understanding the Social-Ecological Landscape.
Roxanne E. Bogart, Jennifer N. Duberstein, and Debbie F.  Slobe


A Citizen Science Approach to Ornithological Research: Twenty Years of Watching Backyard Birds.
David N. Bonter and Wesley M. Hochachka


A Process and Tools for Evaluating Bird Banding Education Success.
Amy Busch and Ashley A. Dayer


Teens Band: Inspiring Teen Banders as Ambassadors for Bird Conservation.
Daniel Froehlich and Emily Sprong


The Great Texas Birding Classic: A Bird Watching Tournament that Protects and Promotes Critical Texas Gulf Coast Habitat.
Carol A. Jones, Shelly Plante, and Clifford E. Shackelford


Conservation Through Bird Education in Texas.
Mark Klym


A History of Birding for Conservation in Delaware.
Sara F. O’Byrne


Engagement Of Texas Private Landowners in Bird Conservation.
Brent Ortego, Matt Wagner, Tim Anderson, Wade Harrell, and Clifford Carter


An Integrated Community-Based Harpy Eagle and Avian Conservation Program for the Maya Mountains Massif, Belize.
James A. Rotenberg, Jacob Marlin, Sam Meacham, and Sharna Tolfree


A Case Study of Bird Trail Development in Central America.
Andrew Rothman


Birds Without Borders: American and Mexican University Workshop Focuses on Avian Conservation.
Jill M. Russell, David E. Russell, and Rafael Herrera Herrera


Acres for Antpittas:  Wisconsin’s International Bird Conservation Program.
Craig Thompson


The Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail: A Land Conservation Tool for the Future.
Jeffrey B. Trollinger,  Louis Verner, and Sergio Harding


Project Implementation

Prioritizing Implementation at Important Bird Areas.
Brian J. Byrnes and John Rogers


Assessing the Future Wildlife Impacts of Conservation and Development in the Mackenzie Watershed.
Matthew Carlson, Erin Bayne, and Brad Stelfox


Borders from a Bird’s-eye View: A Century of Transborder Conservation for North American Migratory Birds.
Charles Chester


Integrating Grassland and Shrubland Bird Conservation with the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative for the Central Hardwoods Bird Conservation Region.
James J. Giocomo, David A. Buehler, and Jane Fitzgerald


Opportunities through Partnerships for Conservation and Research of Austral Migrants.
Alex E. Jahn, Sara Ouly, Eliza Chiang, Douglas J. Levey, and Jose A. Clavijo


Using Nest Boxes for Lewis’s Woodpecker Conservation in Central Oregon.
Diane Kook and James D. Moodie


Conservación de la Avifauna en la Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra Gorda; del Pago de Servicios Ambientales a la Educación Ambiental.
R. Pedraza Ruiz


Long-Term Conservation of Migratory Birds in México: The Veracruz River of Raptors Project.
Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza, Laurie J. Goodrich, Stephen W. Hoffman, Eduardo Martínez Leyva, Jeff P. Smith, Elisa Peresbarbosa Rojas, Rafael Rodríguez Mesa, Karen L. Scheuermann, Sandra L. Mesa Ortiz, Yumei Cabrera Carrasco, Norma Ferriz, Robert Straub, M. Martín Peñaloza Pérez, and Jorge G. Barrios


Grassland Bird Management on Public Lands in the United States: An Example from the Northern Great Plains.
Dan Svingen


Calculating Habitat Area Required for Priority Shorebirds in the Gulf Coast Joint Venture Region.
William G. Vermillion and Brent J. Ortego


Priorities for Research and Monitoring, Management, and Outreach as Determined by the Swallow-tailed Kite Conservation Alliance—A Partnership to Advance Conservation of a Vulnerable Species.
Gina Zimmerman



Citizen-Science Monitoring of Landbirds in the Mississippi River Twin Cities Important Bird Area.
Tania Z. Homayoun and Robert B. Blair


Occupancy Modeling as a Framework for Designing Avian Monitoring Programs: A Case Study along Appalachian Streams in Southern West Virginia.
Brady J. Mattsson and Matthew R. Marshall


Tracking the Nesting Success of North America’s Breeding Birds through Public Participation in NestWatch.
Tina Phillips and Janis Dickson


Monitoring with a Conservation Goal: Principles and Practice of Raptor Migration Monitoring.
Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza


Using the MAPS and MoSI programs to Monitor Landbirds and Inform Conservation.
James F. Saracco, David F. DeSante,  M. Philip Nott, and Danielle R. Kaschube


Integrated Bird Monitoring and the Avian Knowledge Network: Using Multiple Data Resources to Understand Spatio-temporal Variation in Demographic Processes and Abundance.
James F. Saracco, David F. DeSante, M. Philip Nott, Wesley M. Hochachka, Steve Kelling, and Daniel Fink


Addressing Hummingbird Conservation Needs: An Initial Assessment.
Susan M. Wethington and Nash Finley


Response To Habitat Changes

Small-scale Response in an Avian Community to a Large-scale Thinning Project in the Southwestern United States.
Karen E. Bagne and Deborah M. Finch


Lessons Learned from Prescribed Fire in Ponderosa Pine Forests of the Southern Sierra Nevada.
Karen E. Bagne and Kathryn L. Purcell


Influence of Old World Bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum) Monocultures on Breeding Density of Three Grassland Songbirds in Oklahoma.
Andrew D. George, Timothy J. O’Connell, Karen R. Hickman, and David M. Leslie, Jr.


Influence of Invasive Eastern Redcedar on Density of Breeding Warblers in Cross Timbers Forest.
Jason R. Heinen and Timothy J. O’Connell


Nest Success Rates of Four Shrubland Specialists in Conservation-Managed Fields with Comparisions to Other Managed and Unmanaged Shrublands.
Christy M. Slay and Kimberly G. Smith


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