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2009 PIF Awards

Each year, Partners in Flight presents awards to individuals, groups or organizations that have made exceptional contributions to the field of landbird conservation. This year, in association with the 20th Anniversary of Partners in Flight, PIF presented a special set of awards, entitled Champions of Bird Conservation Awards. These were presented to individuals in recognition of their “…tireless leadership, extraordinary vision, and persistence in the development of Partners in Flight….” Awardees were recognized at a special Opening Reception at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference hosted by Partners in Flight in March 2010 in Milwaukee, WI.  

Chris Eberly, Department of Defense Partners in Flight Program, sponsored the Partners in Flight Awards Program this year. The Awards Committee, chaired by Rich Fischer, made the following selections.

Charles Baxter (1948 – 2009; Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture)

Charles was the first to fully understand the relevance of Partners in Flight to Joint Ventures. A brilliant thinker who changed all of our lives; his absence leaves a huge void in our world.

Colleen Handel

Gary Myers (retired Director, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)

With unrelenting will and imagination, Gary made Partners in Flight an inescapable reality for state wildlife agencies nationwide. He charmed all of us into maturity.

Laurel Moore-Barnhill

Paul Schmidt (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Paul took the inspiration of Partners in Flight to convert the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service into the best Partner among us.

Raptor Population Index Partners

Peter Stangel (U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, formerly with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation)

Partners in Flight would not have been created were it not for the incredibly strong support from Peter and that of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Peter taught us that money does make a difference.

Laurel Moore-Barnhill

George Fenwick (American Bird Conservancy)

George had the vision and tenacity to create the American Bird Conservancy as the NGO that would implement Partners in Flight's mission on the ground - a new "Ducks Unlimited" for all bird conservation.

Laurel Moore-Barnhill

Naomi Edelson (National Wildlife Federation, formerly with the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)

Naomi leveraged a huge multi-state funding opportunity at the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies at a critical point in PIF history -- allowing us to complete our regional planning process.  Her influence transformed the way state wildlife agencies think about birds.


Martha Isabel “Pati” Ruiz Corzo

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