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Survey of Users of
PIF North American Landbird Conservation Plan

In 2008 Partners in Flight International Science Committee began the process of developing a new continental-level document on landbird conservation, including an assessment of Mexican landbird species. This addition of Mexico will allow for PIF’s first-ever Tri-National perspective on landbird conservation needs. As part of this process, a survey of users of the previous PIF North American Landbird Conservation Plan (Rich et al. 2004), was conducted. This online survey was designed to inform the creation of the new document with the goal of increasing utility for its users. Below is information about this survey and its results.

  • Presentation of Survey Results, given by Ashley Dayer at PIF Science Committee meeting in Chamela, Mexico, July 2008

  • Survey Results – frequencies generated by Survey Monkey (summarized answers to questions with close-ended response options)

  • Survey Results – qualitative analysis of themes (themes and the specific responses to open-ended questions)

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